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FRG Technology Consulting

Migration Technical Lead

One of Google’s major clients is doing a large Digital Transformation Project. As part of the project

there is a large migration from different types of applications from on-premise datacenter to a public

cloud. There are different applications being migrated and there are different application types:


Initial project phase is to migrate a small set of applications of different types to prepare for the

large-scale migration in the next few years. Therefore templates (both documentation and code) and

processes are being developed, tested and fine tuned.

Rehost applications need rather limited modifications and should be straightforward to implement.

Replatform applications will change only some components in their architecture and would be more

difficult to migrate and the rearchitect applications will be applications that are newly developed or

applications that will have major application components changed.

There are many people working on this project on both Google’s and client’s side.

There are many important activities that take place:

  • Project planning with the project management team.
  • Communication with the customer.
  • Communication with the team.
  • Solutions Architecture and Target Design Preparation.
  • Migration Runbooks preparation for different environments.
  • Migration execution.

Teams are formed as PODs according to the Agile methodology with a Scrum Master (also known as

POD Migration Lead), Technical Lead (also known as GCP Architect), Google Delivery Center Architect

(GDCA) and a number of Google Delivery Center Engineers (GDCEs).

PODs are assigned to the migration of one or several applications depending on the complexity of

the applications. PODs must participate in:

  • Regular customer’s Scrum meetings to plan for the next Scrum and to report on the progress.
  • Regular Technology Group meetings to discuss specific technologies applicable to the
  • Creation of documentation for Target Applications Design and submission of this
  • documentation to the customer.
  • Creation of code to create infrastructure.
  • Creation of documentation known as MIgration Runbook to assist during migration from the
  • on-premise data center to the cloud (using different environments).
  • Assisting the client during the migration.
  • Handing over documentation, project documentation to support after migration.


Experience and knowledge of various Cloud Technologies:

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.
  • Managed Kubernetes.
  • Managed Streaming and Messaging.
  • Managed Databases.
  • NoSQL Databases.
  • Cloud Networking and Cloud Security.
  • Good understanding of technologies, methodologies and processes:
  • Agile (Scrum).
  • Software design and architecture.
  • CI/CD.
  • Application Migration.
  • Database Migration.
  • Open Source Development.
  • Version Control Systems.
  • Terraform and Infrastructure as a Code.
  • Good knowledge of GCP products and services:
  • Google Compute Engine.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Google Cloud SQL.
  • Google BigQuery.
  • Google Cloud Storage.
  • Certification:
  • Required: GCP Professional Cloud Architect.
  • Optional, but recommended:
  • GCP Professional Data Engineer.
  • GCP Professional DevOps Engineer.
  • GCP Professional Collaboration Engineer.
  • High emotional intelligence and maturity level:
  • Independence and proactive work.
  • Driving the project and taking the overall responsibility for the deliverables.
  • Inter and intra team communication.
  • Handling complex existing solutions.
  • Flexibility in accepting regular changes to the scope of work.
  • Experience in Solutions Architecture job:
  • Preparation of design documentation for various technological projects.
  • Project planning and execution.
  • Experience in the Solutions Implementation job:
  • Preparing Migration Runbooks in line with target design.
  • Migrating and supporting application migration.


The job is complex but very interesting and challenging. It requires excellent technical and

interpersonal skills and flexibility. Previous experience and flexibility are highly sought after.

Simon Portway
Senior Principal Consultant

T: (0) (ext 5196)

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